To be honest, the jobs hasn't really been coming Jar Jars way since the films. Even there, the role was getting smaller in the latter films. One problem with being an animated character is you are easily erased from the payrolls and the union support is weak to say the least

To get food on the table Jar Jar now has resorted to promoting pretty much anything on the internet. He is not very proud of it, but a Gungan has to do what a gungan has to do.

To get jar Jar Binks to promote your product, just follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the translation section and create a translation of a sentence. When you are happy with what Jar Jar says, click on the create an endorsement link.
  • Fill in the information ans save the endorsement. You will get a unique link directly to a page where Jar Jar talks about your product. You can decide the title of this page and that will also appear in the link.
  • Now you can end the link to your friends or add it to your blog.

jar Jar is of course open for sending birthday congratulations and reminders to people who hasn't payed their debts or maybe missed an aniversery.

Here is an exampe: What Jar Jar Binks says about lawyers

Posted by Jar Jar on Aug 20, 2010